Jesus Christ is Growing His Church
...and we are called to join in!

Learn seven practical dynamic principles for keeping in step with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

This is not a quick-fix event or an off-the-shelf programme to 'magically' make your church get bigger. Grasping at the latest trend is tempting ...but God Himself knows how He wants to work in your unique local context.

The fundamental question is: how can leaders and churches discern and obediently cooperate with the Spirit's activity? Working with the analogy of partners in ballroom dancing, participants in this conference will discover:

  • The foundations that need to be in place so that churches and individuals can step out onto the 'dance floor'
  • The dynamic 'dance steps' that need to be learned in order to keep in step with the Holy Spirit
  • The pitfalls and benefits involved in seeking to operate under the guidance of the Holy Spirit in this way.

This dynamic process of cooperating with the Holy Spirit is not a programme itself. Rather, it is an approach that underpins the breadth of a church's programmes and activities.

Invest in the future of your church and your leadership, renew your vision for life in the Kingdom of God. Explore how your church can grow in its practice of cooperating with the Holy Spirit.